A Bow to Stern Service for Luxury Yachts


You want to leave your yacht in the most capable hands when it comes to rigging.

We specialize in stainless wire and fittings for all of your sailboat rigging needs. We can accommodate requests while you wait, or we can provide a one-day turnaround time if necessary.

Additionally, we handle mobile sailboat rigging for Long Island and will come to you if you can not come to us.

Here at Yacht Service, we carry out accredited rigging inspections and a full rigging service six days of the week, year-round.

Mast and Rigging Inspection

Life on the water takes its toll the most hardy of boats. To make sure your yacht is up to another season on the water, it’s best to get a full rigging inspection. Our inspections include a visual, non-destructive check of all your boat’s fixtures and fittings for signs of cracking, wear and deterioration.

Yacht Re-Rigs and Standing Rigging

Using only the highest quality materials and fitted by trained experts, our yacht re-rigs will get your yacht in ship-shape for the sailing season.

Rig Tuning

An essential part of yacht ownership, tuning your rig is the process of balancing the rig tension. We tune each boat according to the type of rig, boat style and your personal sailing preferences.

Stranded Stainless Steel

1-by-19 and 7-by-19 with sizes from 1/16 to 3/8
Vinyl coated wire rigging for lifelines
Swaging and fitting performed on-site


Line Rigging

We carry various sizes and colors of line for your needs: halyards, sheets, etc.
We perform splices on-site and in many cases while you wait.


Furlers & Hardware

Installations of Schaeffer, Harken and Crusing Design furler products.
On-site hardware from Schaefer and Harken.

Architectural Rigging

As a full service rigging yard, we also offer architectural rigging services for residential and commercial applications.



Hanging signs
Personal lifelines
Suspending HVAC units
Exterior gates



There are many choices when it comes to swaging ends and your boat’s sailing requirements will dictate the solution most suited to your needs.



Make sure your yacht is ready when you are.


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